The Pen and Camera Club is about the oldest Postal Portfolio in existence having been founded in 1904 by the Rev’d H. Mudie Draper as a cultural activity of the Methodist Wesley Guild.

In the early days, with a membership of around 20 the folio was circulated monthly, including during both World Wars, with members entering monochrome prints until 1956 when the first colour slide folio was formed. A rapid expansion took place after 1965 with the formation of additional folios and the Club now consists of a monochrome folio, colour print folios, colour slide folios, digital folios, a DPI folio and an art folio.

Each folio operates by post and members develop lots of good friendships
and support each other in a loving Christian fellowship.

The Club has evolved continuously over the years with members using plate, medium format, 35 mm and now digital cameras and computers This has ensured an active membership that now stands at over 75. More detail of our history can be found on our history pages. 

Membership is aimed at active Methodists, although we are happy to accept others who are willing to worship with us. There are currently vacancies in most of the folios.

Every year we have a most enjoyable AGM weekend, where old friends can gather and meet new friends and new members, as well as conducting the club’s business and competing in slide and PDIexhibitions for the various trophies.

Below you can see us all at WillersleyCastle in April 2019.

Willersley AGM 2019