Our Folios

We have a number of folio circles within the club, devoted to different forms of photography and art. 

They are:

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Operation of the folios


Folios are circulated monthly in most circles, although Art, Digital Imaging and Colour Print have a bi-monthly interval. At any one time there are a number at varying stages of the route round the country. The club year runs from September to August inclusive. This ensures that competition results are available for the AGM in April.

The operating details of the various folios differ slightly, but the essential method is as follows: Each folio is packed in a box or other container and contains; 
a. A notebook. 
b. Two(*) containers of prints/PDI images.

1.         The notebook contains details of the posting rota to be followed and a suggested timetable, the results of the previous folio round and any notes or comments from the folio secretary.

Members are expected to read the Folio Sec.’s comments in the notebook and add any comments of their own that they feel are relevant and of general interest.

2. The two(*) containers, usually marked A and B, contain, in A, the voting round of images and, in B, their old image from the previous round that should be removed and replaced with a new one, ready for the new round. Members should write a comment on the sheet provided on each image in the voting box – box A and on the new images in the collecting/return box – Box B. Each person is allocated a number and this should be entered on the crit. sheet for identification purposes. In those folios that are competitive, members should mark out of 20 and enter their votes on a voting card, supplied by the secretary, that should then be posted or emailed to the folio sec. at the same time as the box is posted off to the next person on the rota. (Secretaries and members with email addresses can more easily do this electronically). The sec. can then not only ‘Keep score” but also be made aware of the position of the box on its route.

When voting, members often ask for guidance in allocating marks and one suggestion is: ‑

  • 6 for Composition, 
  • 6 for photographic technique, 
  • 6 for subject matter and 
  • 2 for presentation. 

These are just suggestions and most members soon work out for themselves a system that suits them. Members do not, of course, vote for their own slide/print. Fresh supplies of voting cards, criticism sheets and posting labels are available from the folio sec. as and when required.

Members must post to the next person on the rote on the Monday following receipt, or on the day allocated by the sec. in the rota, so that the boxes are kept evenly spaced apart. Any member causing frequent and/or unjustified delays to the box is subject to expulsion! When posting the box a “Certificate of Posting” should be obtained and retained (these are issued free by the P.O.) so that in the event of a box going astray (a not unknown event) tracing can be expedited and, if necessary, compensation claimed.

Members are expected to inform the folio sec. and the person in front of them on the rota, usually the same person each month, when they are likely to be away from home so that the box can be diverted to avoid delay or loss.

It is also sensible to keep a record of boxes posted and votes allocated in case subsequent checks need to be made.

(*) some circles use 3 containers – one for collecting, one for marking and one for removals – but the operation is the same.