The two Digital Folios are similar to the print folios but are non-competitive and circulate at two monthly intervals, each member retaining the folio for about 12 days before posting to the next on the circulation list. Work is circulated as a hard copy on A4 (max) sized paper and members comment on the print folder. Trials were made to circulate the folio electronically on the web site but this was found to be impractical. The objective of the Digital Folios is to familiarise members with the various techniques available in editing programmes and to encourage creativity in producing montages and manipulated images. Projects are introduced by circulating images for manipulation by members and various “themes” are worked on to improve visual awareness. This stimulates an ethos of self help through members’ comments and answers to “how can I do …?”. By being non-competitive members find it easier to enter experimental work, which in competitive folios might be rated low by the marks awarded. As a result experience is gained without pressure to succeed!


Examples of the work of the digital circles work can be seen in the futures section of the gallery.