1. All Members and Associates are eligible to enter the Exhibition, regardless of whether or not they are contributing to any circle.
  2. It is an “Open” exhibition, which means that the subject matter of the pictures will be left to the discretion of the entrant.
  3. No print or PDI image will be accepted that has been included in one of our previous Exhibitions. Any image taken with a camera and recorded on film or by electronic means is eligible, provided the whole copyright is that of the author. Once an image has been entered in an annual exhibition in modified form it is not eligible in future years in further modified form. The same image should not be entered into more than one category, even in modified form: i.e. do not enter the same or modified image as a print and as a projected image.
  4. Printsmay be mounted on a card mount, but the MAXIMUM size or print + mount is 20″ x 16″ (Or near metric equivalent). Prints should have the title and the member’s name and address on the back of the mount. The title may also be added on the front if desired. Any print that contains a colour should be entered in the colour print section, unless the colour is a continuous tone affecting the whole print.
  5. Digitally Projected Images should be presented as a jpg file with a maximum width of 1600 pixels and no more than 1200 pixels high. The file name should only be the title of the image – there should be no “extraneous” detail such as name of person submitting image or reference numbers. Entries that are not to specification will either be modified or, if this is not possible, rejected.
  6. Prints. There are three categories in the prints section:
  7. SET OF THREE RELATED PRINTS, the “set of three” must be clearly nominated as such by the entrant, and can be colour or monochrome.
  8. INDIVIDUAL MONOCHROME PRINTS (up to three may be entered)
  9. INDIVIDUAL COLOUR PRINTS (up to three may be entered)
    An award will be made to the best set of three prints, the best individual monochrome print and the best colour print. All prints submitted are eligible for the individual awards.
    The maximum entry will be NINE PRINTS; the entrant choosing from the three categories specified above.
  10. The “Outdoors” Trophy. All prints submitted to the exhibition are eligible for this award. Of the prints entered, both monochrome and colour, the judge will select the one that he/she considers best illustrates “The Outdoors”. This print will be awarded the trophy.
  11. Projected Digital Images. The maximum entry will be THREE IMAGES per member, but if numbers are large only two will be submitted for judging. Please indicate which two are to be judged in that event. An award will be made to the BEST IMAGE.
  12. The judges will place the entries in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and will award Highly Commended and Commended certificates at their discretion. They will make written comments on the winning entries.
  13. The judges will award the following trophies:
    Featherstone Trophy – Best Individual Monochrome Print
    90th Anniversary Trophy – Best Entry of 3 Prints
    J.H.Bissett Trophy – Best Individual Colour Print
    W.A.Bramwell Trophy – Best PDI entry
    F.Davies Trophy – Best Print (Colour or Mono.) Representing “The Outdoors”

PLEASE NOTE; Whilst every care will be taken of entries members enter them at their own risk and no responsibility can be taken for damage or loss. Please pack your entry carefully, paying particular attention to print corners. If you are unable to attend the reunion please enclose return postage – preferably attached to a self-addressed label – and make sure that your packaging is re-usable, with a minimum of sticky tape. If you are arranging for another member to collect your work then please give particulars when submitting your entry.